1,303 Artlets form biggest batch in AB’s history


BATCH 2019, composed of 1,303 Artlets, is the biggest batch of students produced by the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) in its 123-year history, Dean Michael Anthony Vasco announced during the Solemn Investiture on Saturday.

A total of 272 students from Batch 2019 graduated with Latin honors, with 21 magna cum laudes and 251 cum laudes.

The graduates were led by valedictorian Monique Bernardino from English language studies who obtained a general weighted average of 1.216. She is also a recipient of the Rector’s Academic Achievement Award.

The final number of Artlet candidates for graduation who attended the investiture was 226 students lower than what was announced in the Baccalaureate Mass last May 24.

Dean Vasco told the Flame that the lower number of graduates was due to some students’ deficiencies, explaining that the figure announced during the Mass was the applicants for graduation while those who participated in the investiture were candidates for graduation.

‘Talent needed in humanities’

Vice Rector for Finance Rev. Fr. Rolando Castro, O.P., SThL said innate talent is necessary for surviving in the field of humanities during his speech at the investiture.

“While other disciplines can be studied, learned, and mastered, your discipline requires more than just learning and mastery; it entails possessing or being born with talent,” he said.

“[T]he truth is you would not have made it and lasted in the Faculty if you did not have the innate talent and inherent love for the highest ideals to begin with, as well as the dry determination and passion to hone your craft and hold on to the ideals until the very end,” he added.

Castro also told graduates that the arts and humanities have limitless potential.

“The arts and humanities have the sheer capability to shape people’s minds, rouse them into action, and unsettle the status quo, and effect change that will make our lives better,” he said. CRIS EUGENE T. GIANAN

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