Fr. Seño urges Thomasians to be wisdom-conscious

Photo grabbed from the official website of the University of Santo Tomas

“WHEN WE become wise, everything else will follow,” said Fr. Rudolf Steven Seño, O.P. during the University Mass for the Solemnity of St. Thomas Aquinas on Wednesday. 

“Being wealthy or being healthy are what most people prioritize in life. But one of the things we can learn from St. Thomas Aquinas is that when one becomes wise, everything else will follow for being wisdom-conscious, one learns how to set priorities, and a wise person will prioritize God above everything else,” said Seño. 

Seño reveals that the “beauty” being pertained by the lyrics of the Thomasian hymn in “keep us in beauty, and truth and virtues” is actually the physical attributes of St. Thomas Aquinas. 

A biography reveals that the saint was known to be handsome during his day. Thus, Seño concludes that by having a strong relationship with God will result in achieving things people aimhealth, wealth, and even good looks. 

He also mentioned that St. Thomas Aquinas followed Aristotle’s saying of “It belongs to the office of the wise man, to put things in order.” 

The theme of the three-day celebration of the saint, “A Mind to Know You, A Heart to Seek You, Wisdom to Find you,” which is also St. Thomas Aquinas’ prayer, is a prayer for wisdom for it prays to put things in order. 

The meaning of putting one’s life in order is “first things, first; last things, last” or setting priorities correctly. 

“It’s understandable to be health-conscious and wealth-conscious because those are important too. But don’t prioritize that first,” said Seño, “because if we do, we will soon lose that, or not truly enjoy the benefits. What are you going to do with all your millions if you are sick in the hospital?” 

“We need to seek wisdom so that we know that we need to prioritize God. And in doing so, everything else will follow,” he added. 

Seño also set King Solomon a perfect example for he chose wisdom wherein he could have chosen good health or vast health when God asked him what he wanted. 

God was pleased with Solomon’s answer so not only God gave him wisdom on how to lead his people, but also vast wealth, as we can see through his many jewels and buildings covered with gold, Seño said. 

The mass was held in preparation and remembrance of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint and guardian of UST for his feast day, today, Jan. 28. 

The three-day celebration started last Jan. 25 through praying triduum prayers and the rosary. 

The Thomasian community was highly encouraged to virtually partake in the celebration as an “expression of reverence and devotion to our inspiration and exemplar, St. Thomas Aquinas.” 

The triduum prayers and masses for the annual tradition were livestreamed in the UST Center for Campus Ministry official Facebook page as the actual worship took place at the UST Santisimo Rosario Church. F

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