Artlets, orgs recognized in virtual Student Awards

STUDENTS AND organizations from the Faculty of Arts and Letters were recognized during the Student Awards for their excellence and contributions on academic, community development, and leadership service in the past two academic years (AY), held virtually on Friday.

Legal management student Ethan Vaughn Ong received the Rector’s Academic Award, an award given to a student who obtained the highest scholastic rating, for AY 2020-2021. 

“I would like to thank God for guiding me and supporting me in every step of the way. And I devote this award to my father and mother and as well as to my lolos and lolas who extended their love beyond measure,” Ong said.

Communication Arts alumna Marjon Angela Cano received the Rector’s Academic Award for AY 2019-2020. 

Communication Arts senior Elijah Miguel Punzalan received the Benavides Outstanding Achievement Award, an award given for students’ exceptional performance in academic or scientific fields.

Punzalan received the award after winning the 8th Student Quill Awards under Communication Skills, Student Division for his contribution in the UAAP Season 82: All For More.”

UST-Communication Arts Students’ Association was also a recipient of the Benavides Outstanding Achievement Award for winning multiple awards in the 8th Student Quill Awards, which recognizes students with exemplary communication research, programs, skills, and creative work.

The UST Artlets Economics Society acquired both the St. Dominic de Guzman Award and Pope Leo XIII Community Development Award for their outstanding teamwork and active involvement in community development. 

The event was held live via UST’s official Facebook page. F

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