Unfair treatment of women philosophers must end—philosophy prof

THE OMISSION of women philosophers has long been perpetuated, but this would end if philosophy becomes more inclusive, a philosophy professor said.

Gina Opiniano, whose research interests are feminism and gender development, said all facets of philosophy must be explored, including the works and contributions of female philosophers to eliminate the unfair treatment of women.

“Let’s take advantage of shaping philosophy towards what is perceived to be more inclusive, more encompassing. Let us not only include men, but also women,” Opiniano said during the ‘The Basic Stuff: Ancient Philosophy Webinar Series’ last Nov. 20.

Opiniano, also a research consultant in the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, said looking into the syllabus of philosophy is the key to ending the exclusion of women philosophers.

She added that the syllabus must look at the works and contributions of both men and women philosophers to eliminate the omission of women in the history of philosophy.

“What is key to this reflection or self-criticism is looking into the syllabus of the discipline of philosophy, which serves as the basis of molding the students or the future philosophy professors,” Opiniano said.

“Doing this will potentially improve not only the climate of philosophy but also what I believe is the future of philosophical thinking,” she added.

Opiniano presented her lecture “Revisiting the Narratives: Women Philosophers in Antiquity” as part of the three-week webinar series organized by UST senior philosophy students. F – Nillicent B. Bautista

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