Bello calls Sara Duterte ‘coward’ for skipping VP debate

CNN Philippines leaves Sara Duterte’s podium empty as she skips the vice presidential debate

VICE PRESIDENTIAL aspirant and former representative Walden Bello called out Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio for being absent in the CNN Philippines’ debate, saying she should defend her positions to the public.

Bello claimed the presidential daughter failed to present her programs during the debate because she has none, except for her proposal to push for mandatory military service.

“The main problem that we face is the Marcos-Duterte tandem. I think they just spat on the face of the Filipino people, telling them that you’re not worth my giving you our programs because they have f*****g no programs,” Bello said Saturday during the vice presidential debate of CNN.

“I’m really terribly sorry that Mayor Duterte is not here to face the people. She is a coward just like Bongbong Marcos is a f*****g coward,” Bello added.

Carpio skipped the debate without providing a further explanation, while her running mate former senator Ferdinand “Bonbong” Marcos Jr., who will also not attend the presidential debate scheduled today, cited a conflict of schedule.

Bello also referred to Marcos and Duterte as the “greatest evil” representation of political dynasties.

“That is why we are appealing (to the voters), don’t vote for these dynasts,” he said. F

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