Manila Archbishop urges priests: Pursue solidarity with people

Screengrab from Manila Cathedral’s Facebook live.

CHURCH leaders must actively pursue the mission of building solidarity with the people and refrain from idleness and personal attachments, Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula urged fellow priests. 

“Let us let go of all rigidities and attachments to be available for this mission… Let us allow the fire of the missionary seal to constantly burn in our priestly hearts,” Advincula said during his homily for the Chrism Mass held at the Manila Cathedral on April 14.

Advincula reminded the leaders not to see themselves as someone above the people but rather as someone who will lead them in solidarity with God.

He added that God anointed them to act on behalf of His people, especially the needy and oppressed. 

“Let us keep going out, administering to all, so that the good news is brought to the poor, liberty is proclaimed to captives, sight is restored to the blind, and freedom is given to the oppressed,” the Cardinal said.

Advincula reiterated Pope Francis’ desire for the Church not to be confined to unhelpful structures or routines as it should send itself out on the streets and reach out to the people.

“Pope Francis even commented once that the church is like a bicycle, it can stand upright only when it is on the move. It only stands when it moves,” he said.

The Chrism Mass was held in person at the Manila Cathedral for the first time after two years due to the pandemic.

Chrism masses are celebrated on Holy Thursdays during the Lenten season to signify the unity of the priests with their bishop. F – Nillicent Bautista 

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