English Language Studies eyes face-to-face classes in six courses


THE ENGLISH Language Studies (ELS) program is seeking approval to conduct limited face-to-face (F2F) classes in six courses for its junior and senior students this academic year.

ELS department chair Prof. Rachelle Lintao said junior courses included in the proposal were Introduction to Language, Society, and Culture, Research Methodology, and Discourse Analysis. For senior courses, the program chose Thesis Writing, Translation Studies, Issues and Perspectives in English Language Across Disciplines.

“OVRAA (Office of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs) already approved the proposal of the Department for the conduct of limited F2F. We are awaiting the schedule where we can present the proposal to the Crisis Management of the University,”  Lintao told The Flame.

Lintao said third-year students would have their limited in-person classes during weeks ten to 12 while fourth-year students would have theirs on weeks five to seven.

According to Lintao, the decision to hold limited in-person classes is based on the insights gathered during a consultation with students and faculty last May. She said there is a need for limited in-person classes for the program because the relational aspect of learning is “paramount.”

“We learn from each other. People need people. Leadership, management, respect, teamwork, among others, are more forged/strengthened when classes are done in person,” the ELS department chair added.

Lintao gave assurance that the program would adhere to the institutional health protocols set by the University. 

Out of the 13 programs in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, three have so far announced plans to conduct limited in-person classes for the first term this year, namely Journalism, Communication Arts, and English Language Studies. F – Karen Renee Nogoy

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