27 Artlets professors reap research awards


Research Center for Culture, Arts, and Humanities director Assoc. Prof. Ma. Alexandra Chua presents the Arts & Humanities awardees of the Gold and Silver Series. Photo by Shayne Lee Macaraeg/THE FLAME

TWENTY-SEVEN professors from the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) were feted during the 2023 Research Fortnight which covered the academic years 2016 to 2018, 2018 to 2020, and 2020 to 2022. 

The Artlet professors were acknowledged for their contributions in their respective fields of specialization, namely arts and humanities; education and social sciences; and sacred sciences.

The program was held at the Robert C. Sy Grand Ballroom Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building on Thursday, March 9. 

In the field of arts and humanities, the awardees were Prof. Fleurdeliz A. Albela (Silver, ’18-’20, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Marella Ada M. Bolaños (Gold, ’18-’20 , ’20-’22); Prof. Paolo A. Bolaños (Gold, ’18-’20, ’20-’22); Prof. Franz Giuseppe F. Cortez (Silver, ’18-’20, & Gold, ’16-’18, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Augusto V. de Viana (Silver, ’16-’18); Inst. Lawdenmarc Y. Decamora (Silver, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Rhochie A. Matienzo (Gold, ’16-’18); Prof. Robert A. Montaña (Silver, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Ian Raymond B. Pacquing (Gold, ’16-’18, ’18-’20, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Roland Theuas D. Pada (Silver, ’16-’18, ’18-’20, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Gwenetha Y. Pusta (Silver, ’18-’20); and, Asst. Prof. Raniel S. Reyes (Gold, ’18-’20, ’20-’22).

For the education and social sciences cluster, the Artlet professors who were honored were Assoc. Prof. Mark Anthony D. Abenir (Silver, ’16-’18); Assoc. Prof. Ma. Evalyn B. Abiog (Silver, ’20-’22); Prof. Arlen A. Ancheta (Silver, ’20-’22); Prof. Clarence M. Batan (Silver, ’16-’18, ’18-’20, & Gold, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Alejandro S. Bernardo (Gold, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Maria Carinnes A. Gonzales (Silver, ’16-’18); Prof. Rachelle B. Lintao (Silver, ’18-’20, & Gold, ’16-’18, ’20-’22); Prof. Marilu R. Madrunio (Silver, ’16-’18, ’18-’20); Assoc. Prof. Rosalyn G. Mirasol (Silver, ’18-’20 & Gold, ’20-’22); Asst. Prof. Jeremaiah M. Opiniano (Gold, ’16-’18, ’18-’20, ’20-’22); Assoc. Prof. Veronico N. Tarrayo (Gold, ’20-’22); and Asst. Prof. Katrina Ninfa M. Topacio (Silver, ’20-’22).

Three more artlets, namely, Prof. Jove Jim S. Aguas (Silver, ’16-’18, & Gold, ’18-’20, ’20-’22); Prof. Joyce L. Arriola (Gold, ’16-’18, ’18-’20, ’20-’22); and Prof. Jovito V. Cariño (Silver, ’20-’22, & Gold, ’16-’18, ’18-’20), received awards in the sacred sciences discipline.

The awards were based on the faculty members’ research publications, ongoing research involvements, and tenure in the University. 

The Gold series award is given to full-time teaching faculty members with a Doctor of Philosophy degree or a Doctor of Medicine degree who has authored works in the last five years, with five research papers in scholarly books or refereed journals for the research category, and at least three creative or critical works for the creative works category.

The Silver series award is presented to full-time teachers with a Master of Science degree or a Master of Arts degree who have published works in the last five years, with at least three research papers in scholarly books or refereed journals for the research category, and at least two creative or critical works for the creative works category. 

A total of 127 professors from AB, College of Commerce and Business Administration, Faculty of Pharmacy, College of Science,
College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Conservatory of Music, College of Architecture, UST Graduate School, Ecclesiastical Studies,  and College of Engineering were honored during the event.

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