Dos and don’ts for the onsite Baccalaureate Mass 2023

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THE UNIVERSITY will send off the graduating batch at its UST grandstand and open field for the Baccalaureate Mass on May 30.

According to the Office of the Secretary-General (OSG), the event will be divided into the pre-event activities, the Eucharistic celebration proper, and the post-mass program.

The Flame prepared a list of reminders for graduating Thomasians so they can make the most out of the event while remaining safe and compliant with the University’s regulations.


Wear the proper attire

The type A uniform of faculties and colleges should be worn by the graduating students during the Baccalaureate Mass.

Administrators encourage the graduating students to perform the tradition of writing messages on uniforms after the mass, Secretary-General Rev. Fr. Louie Coronel, O.P. said during an information session on the Baccalaureate Mass last May 19.

Observe health protocols

Thomasians are required to comply with the standard COVID-19 health protocols. The observance of pandemic protocols will be supervised by the UST safety and security personnel.

Graduating students should declare their health status via the Thomasian Online Medical Services and Support or ThOMedSS and wear face masks indoors. Thermal screening and inspection will also be conducted in the buildings.

Bring personal provisions 

The University encourages graduating students and academic staff to bring their own umbrellas, light snacks and drinking water to avoid dehydration and discomfort.

However, using disposable and plastic bottles is discouraged.

The University will provide the Thomasian Mission Crosses for the imposition ceremony, the candles and candle holders for the ceremony of the light, and the Thomasian pledge bookmarks.


Don’t bring your car

The University will implement “carless days” during the graduation activities, including the Baccalaureate Mass, to accommodate more people.

Graduating students are encouraged to be dropped off and fetched during the event. However, the UST Carpark will remain open for use.

Don’t bring hazardous props

To ensure safety and cleanliness, the University prohibited certain props and decorations for the event.

Fireworks or firecrackers, sky lanterns, candle balloons, helium balloons, floating balloons, confetti, foam sprays, paint sprays, colored powder, party poppers, glitters, animals, camera drones and AC-powered gadgets are not allowed during the processional and recessional parade.

Students may use costume masks, hand-held props, placards and other similar materials during the processional and recessional parade.

Battery-operated props and gimmicks are only allowed to be displayed and demonstrated during the actual recognition of academic units in the post-mass program, according to the OSG.

The OSG also advises graduating students to stay informed through their respective academic units for their assigned seats, the entrance route to the open field, and their sequence for the processional and recessional parade.

Don’t forget to treasure the moment

The Baccalaureate Mass is one of the last few events you will attend as a Thomasian. Do not forget to express your appreciation to your classmates, friends and professors who helped you survive your college years. Take photos, reminisce happy memories and pray for each other as you close a key chapter in your life. Remember that the event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. F

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