74% of UST Artlets seniors to graduate with Latin honors 

More than 9,000 graduating Thomasians of Batch 2023 celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass at the UST open field on Tuesday, May 30. Seniors participated in the annual ceremony of Lights and symbolic exit through the Arch of Centuries. Photo by Raymond Vince Manaloto/THE FLAME

NEARLY THREE in every four Artlet seniors will graduate with Latin honors, based on the graduation program released by the dean’s office over the weekend.

Of the 899 Artlets who will graduate this year, 666 or 74% will finish their degree with honors.

More than half of the graduates in all the 13 programs of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) will march with medals during the commencement exercises to be held on Monday, June 5.

Three of the AB programs, namely history, creative writing and communication, exceeded 90% in terms of the percentage of graduates who will exit UST with honors.

The history program has the highest percentage, with 26 out of 27 of its seniors, or 96.3% graduating with Latin honors. One history senior will graduate summa cum laude, six will finish magna cum laude and 19 will earn their degree cum laude.

It is followed by the creative writing program, which has 24 honor students out of 25 seniors, or 96%. Two creative writing students will finish their studies summa cum laude, 18 will graduate magna cum laude and four will complete their college stint cum laude.

The communication program produced 129 Latin honorees out of 141 seniors or 91.49%, with ten graduating summa cum laude, 93 finishing magna cum laude and 26 completing their degree cum laude.

A total of 62 out of 75 Asian studies seniors or 82.67% will also be graduating with Latin honors, 10 of them magna cum laude and 52 cum laude.

Out of the 66 graduates from the economics program, 50 or 75.76% will have Latin honors, 17 of them magna cum laude and 33 cum laude.

The sociology program will recognize 24 Latin honorees or 75% of its 32 graduates. Three of the sociology seniors will exit the University summa cum laude, 16 will finish their studies magna cum laude and five will graduate cum laude.

A total of 102 out of 139 behavioral science seniors or 73.38% will wear medals during the graduation rites. One of them will finish summa cum laude, 27 will complete their degrees magna cum laude while 74 will end their college stint cum laude.

The English language studies program produced 15 Latin honorees which is equivalent to 71.43% of its 21 graduates. Two of its seniors will graduate summa cum laude, nine will finish magna cum laude and four will earn their diplomas cum laude.

The literature program yielded 12 Latin honorees or 70.59% of its 17 graduates, composed of one student who will finish summa cum laude, two who will graduate magna cum laude and nine who will complete their studies cum laude.

A total of 84 out of 122 graduates of the legal management program or 68.86% will march with medals, with nineteen students graduating magna cum laude and 65 others finishing cum laude.

Sixty out of the 95 graduates of the journalism program or 63.16% will be recognized as honor students, four of them magna cum laude and 56 others cum laude.

The honor students in the philosophy program totaled 24, which is equivalent to 61.54% of its 39 graduates. Two philosophy students will finish summa cum laude, 11 will complete their degree magna cum laude and 11 will graduate cum laude.

For the political science program, 57.45% or 54 out of 94 seniors are Latin honorees, eight of them magna cum laude and 46 cum laude.

Creative writing senior Franz Austin de Mesa will graduate as the batch valedictorian after obtaining a general weighted average of 1.045. De Mesa received the Rector’s Academic Award, the highest academic excellence award given to graduating Thomasians, last May 26.

The AB solemn investiture rites will be held on Monday, June 5, at the Quadricentennial Pavilion.

The University will produce 9,473 graduates this year. Bianca Ysabel Abrencillo, Zoe Airabelle Aguinaldo and Katherine Chan 


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