Thomasians told to emulate educators, transform the lives of others

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THOMASIANS SHOULD follow the example of educators who are passionate about imparting wisdom as it is their lifelong vocation to be of service to others, a Dominican priest said.

Santisimo Rosario parish priest Fr. Paul Reagan Talavera, O.P. said teaching is not a restrictive profession but a universal mission that invites people from all walks of life to transform their community.

“I believe that at one point in our [lives], we all become students. And also in some points of our lives, we all also become teachers. I hope we truly imbibe this vocation of teaching, not to shine inside our classroom but as St. Thomas would tell us, to always mold minds and hearts,” Talavera said in his homily during the mass for World Teachers’ Day on Thursday, Oct. 5.

“We remember all our teachers and we are very grateful for them for wherever we are now,” he added.

The parish priest cited a letter from UST Secretary-General Fr. Louie Coronel O.P., who described Thomasian instructors as instruments of education and followers of God who are guided by the teachings of the supreme teacher Himself, Jesus Christ.

“The celebration of World Teachers’ Day reminds us that teaching is a vocation, a calling, a life-long commitment to shaping minds, nurturing dreams, and igniting the flames of curiosity within the hearts of students and learners,” the letter read.

In the same circular dated Oct. 4, Coronel reminded Thomasians to express their gratitude to their educators “for inspiring them to be competent, committed, and compassionate.”

After his homily, Talavera blessed the teachers who attended the mass.

This year’s World Teachers’ Day carried the theme, “Empowering Educators: Strengthening Resilience, Building Sustainability” to recognize the professional commitment of educators in the face of a fast-paced environment. The celebration also marked the end of National Teachers’ Month, which began on Sept. 5. F

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