Lowest in three years: Number of UST enrollees drops to 40,657

UST logs 40,657 students for the second term of academic year 2023-2024, lower by nearly 5% than the 42,687 recorded in the same period last year. Photo by Jessica Luna/ THE FLAME

A TOTAL of 40,657 students enrolled in the University of Santo Tomas for the second term of the academic year (AY) 2023-2024, the lowest in three years since the pandemic, data from the Office of the Registrar showed.

The latest figure is slightly higher than the 40,597 students recorded during the second term of AY 2020-2021, when the country saw COVID-19-induced lockdowns forcing schools to shift to pure online learning. 

This is also the first academic year since the government lifted the state of public health emergency due to the pandemic. This term’s number of enrollees is lower by nearly 5% or 2,030 students than the 42,687 enrollees recorded during the same period of AY 2022-2023, when hybrid learning in UST was introduced. 

A total of 33,407 students enrolled in UST’s different colleges, faculties and institutes, based on the final tally of enrollees obtained by The Flame on Monday, Jan. 29, a day after the end of the extended enrollment period.

The number of enrollees in high school and senior high school, collectively known as basic education, reached 7,250. 

The Faculty of Arts and Letters tallied 3,510 enrolled students: 1,232 freshmen, 728 sophomores, 742 juniors and 808 seniors.

Among AB programs, the communication program attracted the highest number of Artlets this term with 551 students. Of that number, 175 are freshmen; 117 are sophomores; 116 are juniors; and 143 are seniors. Three students of the old communication arts program enrolled this term: one freshman, one junior and one senior. 

It was followed by the political science program with 471 enrollees, 186 of them freshmen, 105 of them sophomores, 97 of them juniors and 83 of them seniors.

The behavioral science program recorded 454 enrollees: 126 are freshmen; 106 are sophomores; 101 are juniors and 121 are seniors.

Of the 387 enrollees in the legal management program, there are 188 freshmen, 71 sophomores, 63 juniors and 65 seniors.

The number of enrollees in the journalism program totaled 329, consisting of 103 freshmen; 67 sophomores; 73 juniors and 86 seniors.

The philosophy program logged 224 enrolled students: 83 freshmen, 38 sophomores, 49 juniors and 54 seniors.

The Asian studies program recorded 216 enrollees: 67 freshmen, 36 sophomores, 48 juniors and 65 seniors.

A total of 215 were enrolled In the economics program: 95 freshmen, 32 sophomores, 52  juniors 36 are seniors.

The creative writing program had a total of 199 students. Of that number, there are 63 freshmen, 50 sophomores, 41 juniors and 45 seniors.

Of the 126 students enrolled in the sociology program, 41 are freshmen; 27 are sophomores; 26  are juniors and 32 are seniors.

The English language studies program logged 125 enrolled students: 39 freshmen, 35 sophomores, 25 juniors and 26 seniors.

The history program recorded 112 enrolled students, 37 of which are freshmen, 29 are sophomores, 22 are juniors and 24 are seniors.

In the literature program, 98 students enrolled this term: 28 are freshmen, 15 are sophomores, 28 are juniors and 27 are seniors.

Infographic by Shayne Lee Andreas Macaraeg/ THE FLAME
Infographic by Shayne Lee Andreas Macaraeg/ THE FLAME
Infographic by Shayne Lee Andreas Macaraeg/ THE FLAME

Regular classes for the second term began last Jan. 15.F — with reports from Trisha Tamio

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