A little is enough


Each one of us faces victories and setbacks in life and we have different ways to celebrate them or deal with them.

There are times when you just feel like everything is going downhill and there are also times when a wave of sadness suddenly hits you out of nowhere. In trying times, a rush of courage flows within you that you suddenly believe you can face whatever it is that is hurdling you back.

Scintilla—a spark, hint, or trace; a very small amount of something.

When I was thinking of my column name, I just knew this had to be it because, for me, just a little spark of hope is enough to continue ahead and brave the things that I have to face. I am a firm believer that we all have our seasons to bloom and to fall. It is a never-ending cycle, but the thing is, we learn and grow through the seasons we go through.

I also believe that whenever the sun sets and you feel like you just had the worst day, the sun will shine again tomorrow and it is another opportunity for you to get closer to your goals in life. Let us not let our scintilla of hope die down; rather, let us allow it to ignite us and help us continue braving the world we have to face.

Likewise, let us not give up on our motherland by letting our hopes of her becoming a better nation die down. It would be a shame to do that because now more than ever, she needs us to save her and her people.

With the recent midterm elections, many are enraged because on one hand, it seems that Filipinos never learn; on the other, the results reflect the reality that many Filipinos are not well-educated. It reflects how the system fools it people just to have a continuing hold on power.

The outcome of the elections may have some people’s dream for this country slowly dying down but, again, we should hold onto that sliver of hope and let it fuel us to continue fighting, especially for the people who cannot fight for themselves. Let us let it continue to drive us with fortitude and determination until eventually, we succeed in making the people realize their rights, as well as their power to change the system that continues to oppress.


Thank you to God the Father for not giving up on us and for letting us see visions of a better society.

Thank you to UST AB because I would not have learned all these if it were not for my four-year stay in the Faculty. I also would not have met amazing people, especially 4JRN2 and Tikoy squad—the most loving, understanding, and the best support system anyone could ever have—whom I am forever grateful for.

Thank you to Dianne and my friends back home, especially Sandhie, Sere, and Trisha. I know that I can always go home to you. Thank you to my family, especially mama and mommy who both inspire me to become the best I can be. Let us all hold on to our scintilla of hope. F

Editor’s Note: This column was originally published in Vol. 54, Issue No. 4 of the Flame. View the entire issue through this link.

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