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A window to different viewpoints

By ALISHA DANIELLE M. GREGORIO PEOPLE have different responses to their surroundings; they also have varying perspectives on things. Lesley-Anne Cao’s “The hand, the secretary, a landscape” is a fitting example of this. On display from June 2 to Aug. 12 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Cao’s first …

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Tumba Tumba: Redefining children’s art

By ALISHA DANIELLE M. GREGORIO THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines Vargas Museum opened its doors to “Tumba Tumba Children’s Museum of Philippine Art,” a proof-of-concept show by the Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development that put the spotlight on what life feels like for a child. It allowed …

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A Spotlight for the Deserving

ASPIRING ARTISTS are often told that they must attend art school and spend their family’s fortune in order to be successful in the art world. But the brains behind Transwing Art Gallery believe otherwise; young artists can be the next Leonardo Da Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh regardless of whether they …

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Escaping the Humdrum in Lindslee’s Cliché Untitled

JADED BY the monotony of exhibits that yield to imitative styles and concepts, esteemed abstract artist Lindslee probes the nature of contemporary art while presenting artists’ continued struggle to survive in a world where art’s value lies on price tags in his exhibit titled Cliché Untitled. Lindsey James Lee, known in the art …

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