Start a fruitful Christmas season with fruity drinks and desserts


A BOWL of fruits on a center table of a typical Filipino dining room not only adds vibrant colors to one’s home but also becomes part of the Filipino food culture.

In this time of yuletide season, fruits become staples of Filipino favorites, including buko salad, halo-halo, and even pineapples in macaroni salad.

But if you do not know how to prepare this kind of delicacy, you can always opt to order healthy options for fruity desserts instead.

A sweet and savory prism in a cup


Despite being a Singaporean dessert shop, Nine Fresh guarantees that its fruit bowl menu will satisfy Pinoys’ sweet cravings. It is generous with its toppings of over 20 choices of beans, jellies, and black pearls.

Its ingredients are expected to be fresh as it promises “[a] wide selection of innovative and wallet-friendly chilled taro ball desserts that are freshly produced and served daily.”

Its Fruity Aiyu Jelly has a mixed array of aiyu jelly, aloe vera pearl jelly, mango pearl jelly, nata de coco, milk balls, and taro balls. The ingredients piece together a familiar taste of a refreshing cup of fruit tea, with an added bonus of nata de coco.

This particular sweet dish is composed of different shaped jellies, yet it is light on the stomach. It does not overwhelm the customer for the varying toppings as its flavor goes well together.

The Nine Fresh Signature is perfect for taho lovers, halo-halo enthusiasts, and those craving red beans, as all of these dessert elements are present in this signature cup. In just a scoop, one’s mouth is greeted with silky bean curd, sweet beans, grass jelly, and taro balls. The surprise in each spoonful is limitless.

A rich punch of nutrients in a bottle


In this tropical country, fruit drinks are a sweet and healthy means to keep our minds and bodies replenished and energized under the dry and scorching weather.

While fruit shakes can be found in almost every beverage store, Kupinti has a unique selection of refreshments. Based in Cainta, Rizal, the online coffee shop not only boasts flavorful drinks with organic fruits, but also offers them in reusable glass bottles that are both stylish and appealing.

If you’re not afraid of the sour taste of lemons, then you’ll enjoy Kupinti’s Cucumber Lemonade. With the combined zest from the slices of cucumber and lemonade, the drink floods the mouth with a sour rush, with slight hints of bitterness from the fruit peels.

Kupinti’s Ginger Lemonade is another drink that is refreshingly sharp-flavored packed with nutrients. The rich, peppery flavor of ginger mixes well with the sour taste of the lemon, giving it a spicier and fiery impact that leaves a lingering excitement in the throat.

Composed of thick milk and small bits of fresh, golden mangoes, Mango Tapioca is a bottle rich in vitamins. One sip gives the mouth a wave of flavorful creaminess, which complements well with the sweet-sour taste of the mango bits and chewy tapioca pearls.

Rex Caguioa, co-owner of Kupinti, said he was inspired to start the fruit and milk series to help customers stay healthy during the pandemic.

“We decided to provide refresher drinks that our customers can enjoy and can boost their immune system. For the milk series, we made this product for kids to enjoy Kupinti drinks without getting caffeine into their bodies. Even adults love our milk series, and that makes us happy,” he told The Flame.

Caguioa cited the importance of dedication in their business, which has helped him explore new things such as creating brand and flavors that he believes will be popular someday.

With the yuletide season coming up and round fruits being popular again, it may be the perfect time to explore your options to have a healthy and merrier Christmas. F

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