Para sa mga sawi: Underrated OPM break-up songs worth adding to your playlist


Art by Julia Dominique Yancha/THE FLAME

NOW THAT the Valentine’s season is over, it is time to highlight those who had their hearts broken.

For some people, the month of February is a bitter recollection of an ex-partner. Now the month of love just ended, here is a list of music “para sa mga sawi.”

For those who are fresh off of heartbreaks this month, especially the ones who are tired of hearing mainstream “hugot” tracks like Paubaya and The Ones We Once Loved, here is a list of songs for you to relate to.

Transient by Mola Blue

Indie pop-rock band Mola Blue’s latest single includes a catchy hook and a burst of energy right after the opening riff.

But don’t let the happy instrumentals fool you as it tells the story of one’s need to leave a short but already crumbling relationship.

The colorful but bleak lyrics use overt descriptions as one expresses one’s feelings of doubt and pain, as well as only being temporary to someone’s heart.

Trapik by 123 Pikit!

Off of its latest album “Kwento+,” pop punk band 123 Pikit! tells the story of a relationship that is going nowhere in Trapik.

The song details an unimproving situationship from the perspective of one, using the analogy of an unending traffic loop to visualize what it’s like to be in the situationship.

The energetic instrumentals contrast the frustrated and angry vocals as it seeks to answer the various questions presented in the song.

Sandali Lang by End Street

Pop punk band End Street with its 2018 release Sandali Lang captures what it’s like to be on the losing end of a one-sided and failing relationship.

The song expresses the frustrations of being with someone unreachable as they already seeked comfort with other people.

Forced and frustrated goodbyes and feelings of hopelessness is an accurate description of the overall song, along with the themed mix of infidelity.

Tama Na by Ascend, Maica Villamero

This soft and somber track by indie band Ascend, along with artist Maica Villamero will be sure to pull your heartstrings, in reverse at least.

The idea of loving someone so much while being able to do nothing to save your relationship is a bleak one, and it reflects on the slow tempo instrumentation.

The lyrics are overt and the song does not need a deeper dive and analysis in order to bring out its true meaning.

HA(RA)YA by Ashen Intrepid

Indie pop band Ashen Intrepid showcases its musicality and its lyricism, telling the story of two lovers wishing that they live in a world in which they get to be together.

Ashen Intrepid’s storytelling is through an exchange between the female and male vocalists as they take advantage of two perspectives within a failing relationship.

The song’s instrumentation only adds to the narrative as the melodies and the slow tempo adds to the emotions conveyed by the vocal deliveries.

It Never Happened by Carousel Casualties

Unlike the other songs in this list, indie band Carousel Casualties tells this story of a broken-off relationship as if it never happened.

The minimalist instrumentation of the song, only consisting of a warm synth and a little saxophone part gives it a somber yet hopeless feeling, along with the emotional vocal delivery makes a great pairing.

Meanwhile, the present tone of the lyrics give it a sense of urgency, as if the vocalist is relaying the song in real time.

Love Ain’t Enough by MilesExperience

For everyone left wondering if they did enough and need an emotional song to connect to, this single by indie band MilesExperience is here to deliver.

This song takes you through an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, as from the intro to the ending notes, this song will be sure to give you the feels that you needed to hear.

With a slow tempo matched with lyricism that is repetitive yet captivating, the song gives you ample time to question if love isn’t really enough.

leave it as is by laruh

This short song from singer/songwriter laruh is easy to digest and it’s going to fill everyone’s heads with questions better left unsaid.

This melancholic song deals with the feeling of what they did wrong in the relationship as it asks various questions that might have been the cause for its downfall.

The instrumentation is familiar and straightforward with a catchy melody that stirs up your heart as you listen along with the contrasting lyrics.

Night and Day (Learning Changes) by Snakefight

Off of its 2018 EP “Pieces & Difference,” this song navigates through one’s experience of having to adjust to recent changes to his life.

The song wanders through what it’s like after a breakup without the bitterness, but through the views of appreciation and longing.

This straightforward rock song pulls no punches as it combines the angst and softness that create a gateway for a listener to feel immersed in.

SAPANTAHA by Allison Shore

A story of what ifs and could have been, and the overall question of the genuineness of one’s love, this song by RnB artist Allison Shore gives the listener something to ponder with.

Carried by Shore’s vocals, the song is slow, making sure to take its time to convey every word with emotion and intent to try and make sense, as well as figure out if the love was real.

With playful instrumentals to accompany Shore’s vocal performance, it adds a necessary flair to the overall feel. F

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