Artlets enter the UST Arch of the Centuries the Disney way

“TO SEE is to believe” is an assertion  often contested with a view that there is always more than what meets the eye.

The Welcome Walk of the freshmen of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) at the Arch of the Centuries last Saturday, Aug. 5, was more than just a dazzling parade of blue or a friendly show-off of creativity and imagination by perhaps the most boisterous bunch of Thomasians.

More than just a visual treat, the ritual was also a beginning of a new phase in the lives of about 1,160 Artlet freshmen, not that different from the archetypal beginning of a journey by a hero who is ready to face trials and overcome personal demons to achieve a noble aim.

The exploits of a hero and the collective aspirations of his or her allies populate literary texts and popular culture, making Disney a fitting theme for the Welcome Walk. The event celebrated not just the so-called “happiest place on earth” but also its protagonists who, like the new breed of Thomasians, are determined to prove themselves, realize their dreams and seize glory.

Asian Studies will make a Thomasian out of you

Carrying the theme “Mulan,” Artlets from Asian Studies entered the arch with their pastel-colored parasols, referencing the umbrella Mulan uses throughout the movie.

First-year Asian studies students pose for a photo donned with flowers and a parasol, taking inspiration from Disney’s Mulan. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

“For us freshmen, most of us really dreamed of having UST as our school, and we truly want to cross the arch because it is both a privilege and sign that we are starting our journey as a Thomasian,” Arriane Santiago, a freshman from Asian studies said.

Behavioral Science’s thingamabob

Not under the sea but under the scorching sun, freshmen from behavioral science paraded with tiaras in honor of Princess Ariel of “The Little Mermaid.”

Behavioral science freshmen grace the Arch of the Centuries wearing tiaras, taking inspiration from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

Daves Bartolome, a parent of a student from the Behavioral Science program revealed how her child used to catch sight of the campus when she was just three years old, leading to questions such as: “Which school is that? I want to study there!” 

Now, she is living the dream.

We’re comm in this together

Freshies from the communication program pulled off high school in college as they graced their way through the arch with the nostalgic colors of red and yellow of “The High School Musical.”

Artlets from this program never failed to lighten up the atmosphere, sharing the same magic as their chosen theme.

First-year communication students hold High School Musical-inspired props as they march toward the end of Benavides Park. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

You’ve got a friend in journ

Andy must have left his bedroom unlocked for this many Woodys to parade through the campus premises. Artlets from Journalism flaunted their cowboy hats, paired with vibrant smiles. How convenient for the weather!

Journalism students wear cowboy hats during the Thomasian Welcome Walk, taking inspiration from Disney’s Toy Story. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

Marquis Candelaria, a journalism freshman, compared the Welcome Walk to a ceremonial red carpet. 

“It felt like I was a Broadway star in New York. It felt like I was being welcomed into something bigger than myself.” he said.

There’s a monster in Economics’ closet

No time for fear as Artlets from the Economics program embraced the peculiar but magical energy of “Monsters, Inc.” through striking props and funky headbands. Their otherworldy cheers echoed throughout the campus, bringing immense excitement to their fellow Artlets.

Economics freshmen took their Monsters, Inc-inspired props to the Thomasian Welcome Walk 2023. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

ELS in Wonderland

Artlets from the English Language Studies definitely played their cards right as they brought magic into the campus with their “Alice in Wonderland” concept. As shown by their eye-catching placards, they are ready to get curiouser and curiouser!

Freshmen of English language studies parade their Alice in Wonderland-inspired banner during the Thomasian Welcome Walk 2023. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

Satisfied with philosophy’s care

On a scale of one to ten, we are rating Philosophy freshies a perfect ten for perfecting their concept of “Big Hero 6!” Everyone was equipped with banners bearing special messages, from the Philosophy program to you.

First-year students from the philosophy program hold banners designed with Disney’s Big Hero 6. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

A philosophy student’s parent, Lewelyn Bugayong, expressed how delightful she was seeing her child enter the arch, let alone the University. She also mentioned her child’s keen admiration of the campus’ fine architecture and buildings, one of the reasons why they have chosen UST. 

“To enter UST is the dream of my child because of the impressive architecture it has, she said that this is the only school in the Philippines that has a captivating construction of alluring buildings. I am also very happy for her because she really wanted to pursue her studies here, and I wanted to show my happiness by ultimately supporting her all throughout,” she said. 

Tangled with Legal Management

Freshmen from Legal Management definitely nailed their “Tangled” concept as they paraded down the arch with yellow crowns, just like Rapunzel’s. These Artlets surely appeared golden with their flashy props proudly representing the magic of their program. At last, they saw the light! 

Legal management freshmen hold a tarpaulin printed with lanterns as they enter the Arch of the Centuries in attribution to their theme, Tangled. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

Aloha, Literature!

From somber lanterns to the soothing seas of literature, freshies of the program embodied the vibrance of their theme “Lilo and Stitch. With shades of yellow and blue carnations, these Artlets wore garlands looking like a big ohana!

Literature freshmen enter the Arch of the Centuries accessorized with ‘lei,’ a Hawaiian flower garland symbolizing a token for ‘welcome’. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

Literature freshman Mikyla Santos said  marching towards the arch is an experience that unlocks fulfillment, especially that she is now actualizing her childhood dream. 

“UST has been my dream school ever since I was little. When I was seven years old, my uncle brought me here to the campus, and I really loved UST so it was really fulfilling for me to finally cross the arch,” Santos said.

Creative Writing and the beast

These Artlets’ beauty and brains will surely free us from any curse as they manifested the magic of “Beauty and the Beast” through their wreaths and bouquets. Waving their flags of glory, Artlets from the creative writing program definitely made a statement. There is no time limit to their enchantment. 

First-year creative writing students are embellished with flowers, drawing inspiration from a Disney’s Beauty and the Beast during the Thomasian Welcome Walk. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

In Zootopia, History Artlets can be anything

An adorable array of crocheted animal ears are displayed as History freshmen students made their way into creating a land as magical as their concept “Zootopia!” Their genuine smiles and excitement definitely completed the kind of look and aura they were going for.

History freshmen enter the Arch of the Centuries following the theme Zootopia with their flaglet, printed tote bag, and crocheted animal ears. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

Up, up and away with Sociology

The dauntless Artlets of the Sociology program celebrated their being Thomasians by paying homage to the movie “Up!” The students all wore a green sash in reference to the main character of the movie, a boy scout as brave  as them!

Drawing inspiration from Disney’s Up!, freshmen and volunteers from the sociology program flaunt their balloons as they pose for a photo. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

Music is alive in Political Science

Political Science Artlets did not fail the audience as they wrapped up the parade drenched in colors that embodied their theme “Coco.” Up until the very end of the program, these enthusiastic Artlets never wore off their smiles as bright as the colors of the props they brought with them.

Taking inspiration from Disney’s Coco, political science freshmen parade their colorful ribbons. Photo by Kristine Joy Diane Sarmiento/THE FLAME

“Foremost, I am very excited considering that UST is one of my dream schools. Also, it’s a very honorable experience to cross the arch,” political science freshman Oliver Claudio said. F – Valerie Peralta and Kristine Diane Sarmiento

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