Artlets Economics Society to discuss youth’s role in 2022 elections in a forum


Poster from UST Artlets Economic Society’s Facebook page

THE ARTLETS Economics Society will hold a forum on April 11 to discuss the role of the youth in the upcoming national elections and challenge the competence of the political candidates.

“Kilalanin Mo, Kandidato Mo: The AES 2022 Electoral Tournament” is a two-part event, both an electoral tournament and a political forum, highlighting the platforms and contributions of all presidential candidates aspirants.

It also aims to help the youth be informed by fostering objectivity and integrity as they prepare to make crucial decisions in the upcoming elections.

The AES 2022 Electoral Tournament is part of the Society’s 47th-anniversary celebration and will be held simultaneously on Zoom and Facebook live from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. F

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