All unopposed candidates win CSC posts

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dale Marollano, Francisco Mayuyu, Nathan Agustin, Benjamin Amper IV, and Rhojen Sianda

ALL FIVE unopposed candidates, one from the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB), were proclaimed as winners of the UST Central Student Council (CSC) elections and will hold posts in the student governing body next term.

UST Central Commission on Elections declared on Friday Dale Ignatius Marollano, the sole candidate from AB, the council’s next auditor after garnering 27,020 votes. A total of 3,904 students left the post unanswered.

During the mandatory debates held last April 2, Marollano vowed to strengthen the ties between the central and local student councils. He also assured students of accountability and transparency from these student governing bodies.

Nathan Agustin of the Faculty of Civil Law will assume the highest post in the CSC after getting 27,809 votes.

Agustin promised to prioritize the safety of every Thomasian once in-person classes resume. He also vowed to protect the students’ rights and assured for a good governance during his term.

College of Education sophomore Francisco Mayuyu, who garnered a total of 27,434 votes, was proclaimed the council’s secretary for the next academic year.

Benjamin Amper IV from the College of Accountancy and Rhojen Sianda of the Conservatory of Music will be the next treasurer and public relations officer, respectively. Amper obtained a total of 26,890 votes, while Sianda got 26,881 votes.

The position of vice president will be vacant for the next term as there were no students who ran for the post.

Outgoing CSC President Krizia Bricio urged the incoming batch of student leaders to be “compassionate in dealing with the students’ concerns, especially as the University is slowly transitioning back to face-to-face classes. F

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