[Plot Twist] The Blue Normal – Powering Through

photo courtesy of Xyra Mae Caliwag

“What do you consider your biggest plot twist this year?”

My most significant plot twist this year is surviving each day. It is not easy to wake up each day with either a heavy heart or an empty feeling. Waking up each day is not as easy as it [used] to be […] Along the way, I realized that there are really bad days, and it is okay to allow the people around us to give us the comfort we need at the moment. 

“With only a month left in this year, what is something you are hoping for to happen?”

For the last month of 2021, I hope we will finish this semester strong despite the hurdles that came along our way. I hope we will be proud of ourselves for making it through everything […] I also pray that we get through all the silent battles that we do not share with anyone but ourselves so that our hearts and minds will be at peace.

               – Xyra Mae Caliwag, economics student


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