The Potter


EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece is one of the works in a seven-part series in line with the Dapitan 2020 theme Ina. All works that are part of the series are written by the Flame’s Letters staffers.


When she chose the clay,

She perhaps desired the Kaolinite

That would have resulted in pristine, white porcelain.

She knew this medium would limit her

And her creation

But it does not bother her.


She would be content in the results

Of her skill and the love

She would instill in her craft.


To create was a heavy task to take on—

She would labor

For the rest of her life.


She worked alone.

In an orderly workshop

With occasional visitors and seldom assistance.

She did not need it.


She molded the heart and mind

With her inexperienced yet careful hands.

The muddled dirt stuck under her fingernails

And staining her skin.

Sweat running down her forehead.


Though she wishes for it to be beautiful,

This is not its purpose.

She wanted the best parts of herself showing

In every bend and curve


Passion and honor and kindness.

So that everyone might see that this

Is what she had made.


She left it to dry in the shade

But it didn’t. Not completely.

There were too many variables:

The humidity

The impurities in the clay

Certain parts were too thick.


She would have waited longer

But she could not.

Her aching hands were too tired,

Too worn

And it was time for firing.


She places it in the kiln.

She is impatient but she hopes for the best

As she closes the door on her work,

Leaving it in the burning heat.


So she waits

And she can only pray

That it does not crack. F



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