Photo by Marlou Joseph Bon-ao/THE FLAME

Trigger Warning: transphobia, violence, murder

The hands of a brute coil around her throat. 

She gasps.

She screams inside, I can’t brea 

Her delicate fingers held the ones cramping her neck. Pleas

With eyes turning bloodshot, she sees him. She sees his face—the last one she will see alive.  

His face; that ivory skin and hazel eyes. The eyes clouded with a burning rage that would soon ignite.

With little power she has left, she pushes his chest. She hits it—nothing. His heart; not beating like a rock.

He grabs her hair and plunges her head down—

She screams with bubbles coming out of her mouth—voiceless and unheard. 


Once again, a woman who was meant to be a muse was forced into becoming a mermaid. With her wings clipped, the free woman she once was is now forsaken underwater. How could a muse turn into a mermaid? Drown and the call of the siren will come.

I can’t bre

Once again, another beast took a muse’s life in his own bare hands. Walking out the door that night, he never looked back. Everybody knew that it was unforgivable, yet he now roams freely on the earth; granted by another killer of a kind. 

In time, Jennifer’s hopes for justice will be kept at the back of file drawers—like the others. It has been a long time yet they are still shedding tears that have turned into a river; flowing into an endless length of suffering. F – Patrick Miguel

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