Raging storms have never dispelled the silence and desolation in this amusement park— until today. 

An odd shadow arrived with a frozen, troubled gaze.

I cared less of its expression and more of how it saved me from forlornness, giving me the chance to finally exhibit my bright colors.

I excitedly readied my chains to give this visitor the most enjoyable ride that I have craved to offer for so long.

Slowly, the mysterious entity tilted its head upwards, revealing its bluish skin etched with abrasions.

Its red glassy eyes widened and reflected the glimmer of my light bulbs. Froth also began to spill over from its badly-shriveled lips and bubbled down its convulsing jaw.

Deprived of hearing howls of thrill and enjoyment after months of abandonment, I was shaken by its raspy breathing which gradually got uncanny by the second.

It loudly gasped for air and helplessly reached out as if submerged and pulled by an invisible current. It started pooling from where the figure stood but I was more aghast at the crackling noise made by its surfacing ruptured lung.


Its desperate gurgling echoed and disturbed the silence.

Swiftly, a lightning bolt slithered across the rumbling skies and snapped my lights out.

As if on cue, the figure suddenly vanished, leaving behind a puddle. 

With a thunderous cackle, the heavens loudly insulted my second instance of isolation.

Once again, darkness and despondency swallowed me as the rain started to pour.  TAFFY ARELLA M. BERNALES

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