Three Words


It can only take three words to change everything. 

That was what I reminded myself as I walked out of the library, tightly clutching the books I had borrowed. With every step, I willed myself to ignore the thoughts in my head telling me to stop what I was intending to do. 

When I reached the exit, I saw him standing by the door, flashing that goofy yet endearing smile. It grew wider as I approached him. He noticed the books I held and carried them for me as we began to walk our way home. 

The streets were silent as we conversed but something felt different. With the way he swayed his arms while carrying the books, he seemed far more energetic than he normally was.

As we passed by the familiar pawnshop, I knew we were nearing my house. The reminder of this fleeting moment made my stomach churn. It was only a matter of time before the chance to say anything would be gone. I took a deep breath.

“I have something to say,” we said simultaneously. My heart began to beat faster.

A part of me wanted to speak up first, to pour my heart out along with those three little words. However, I knew things would never be the same.

So, I let him go first.

“She said yes!” He said with an outburst of energy that I never saw from him before. He once said that it was going nowhere with her and he was close to giving up. Perhaps that was why he seemed different today, a bit happier even. But at that moment, I felt the gravity of how his three words changed everything. 

I wished I said I loved him sooner. F ABIGAIL M. ADRIATICO


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