Ravaged by the touch of a scarring plague,

the sickness pulled me in idle.

Needles pierced through my skull,

numbing my senses for freedom,

Gasping for someone to cope with the pain.


Loneliness lurked deep in the corners of the dark room.

Menacing eyes threatened my sanity,

Labeled as a purging disease to many.

O, how I long to be wrapped in warm arms,

Yearning for their empathy to shield me from fear.


The outside world has become unknown,

Due to the rampant chaos happening at a quick pace.

The device that connects me outside

Unleashes dread that disheartens sensibility,

Leaving me wounded with harmful thoughts.


A sudden ring pierces through the  silence of the room,

A part of me reconnecting to the days past,

Full of luscious memories of wandering and stumbling 

Relieving me from the agony of solitary confinement.

They recreate various recollections in life

that paints a sweet smile on a tiring day


They removed the pricks that torment me,

Their melodic tune smoothens the drabness.

They lend me a taste of jubilation,

Of comical accounts that filled me with giggles,

That drove me to fight the virality of despair. 


As the day approaches its closure,

it was finally time to part ways with them.

They leave me a gift— the desire to live.

This urges me to conquer the aching sorrow,

Longing for their ardent presence. RAMON CHRISTIAN G. PLACIDO

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