Artlets urged to be ‘disciples’ in AB’s 125th anniversary mass


AS THE Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) marked its 125th anniversary, the department has indeed been beneficiaries of God’s unending grace, Fr. Christopher Jeffrey Aytona, O.P. said in a eucharistic celebration on Monday.

“Let us not forget that the principal purpose of Catholic liberal education is still to form disciples, people who know Christ, follow Christ, and make Him known. Not excellence in education, as important as that is [and] not equipping students to have successful careers, however valuable they may be,” Aytona said.

He added that one of the goals of liberal education is to open the mind of its students to the reality of the world, to learn from its truth, and to contribute to the advancement and development of society.

AB Regent Fr. Rodel Aligan, O.P. said that the department holds a big contribution as most of those who gave life to the University such as journalists, artists, and activists have come from the department.

Formerly the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (Philets), the department was established in 1896 which became the oldest liberal arts college in the country. It was later renamed to Faculty of Arts and Letters in 1964.

The Faculty’s eucharistic celebration for its quasquicentennial anniversary was held via Facebook live through the Santísimo Rosario Parish Facebook page. F

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