Tranquil Menace


Long they stride upon the bamboo planks

underneath the scorching sun 

and on calm waters.

Only to haul the lightweight 

fishing nets, hollow as

their family’s stomachs.


Long they sail their bangka

on our fresh and saltwater,

to claim what remains and swim below.

Only to be menaced

by Foreign Beasts 

who plunder what is ours.


But monsters do not only reside

in the waters— neither only foreign.


Some are homegrown, 

crawling upon the earth 

and concealed in rich clothing. 

They care not for a fisherman’s soul; 

only offer false promises 

and a circus of tricks.


So long as those rogues reign,

the waters where men 

seek for their lives 

remain treacherous 

despite the calm. F CZERIZHA KAIZEL S. ADZUARA

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