Have you lost the sun?

photo by MARLOU JOSEPH B. BON-AO/The Flame

The laptop’s screen turned black. You saw your reflection: a pair of weary eyes and a back slouching. You sighed; this setting darkened the keenness you once had. Feeling empty, you started remembering when the university grounds and physical company still held you as a whole.

It was a cloudy afternoon.  You strode with your friends across the field with exhausted feet and a back still carrying the exams’ week burden. Still, you glanced at the crowd that was about to embrace you. Bliss filled your chest, and it drifted in the air as you laughed with your friends.

A hand tapped your right shoulder. You turned, smiling upon finding your favorite person.

“Anong ganap doon?” She asked, pointing at a queue at the periphery of the field.

“Ay, hindi ko lang alam,” you shook your head, “check natin mamaya after the event, baka may pagkain.” She nodded and walked with you. 

It started drizzling when you and your friends arrived at the navel of the field. Umbrellas remained unfolded and leaves swayed along with the breeze. You were surrounded by both new and familiar faces, sounds of chuckles, rants, and chatters. There, you awaited the event with them.

There was peace amidst the gathered souls underneath a murky sky. 

You suddenly felt your exhaustion wash away when you sat on the soil, and the sun touched the field once more. Beams of afternoon light illuminated the lush green grass, damp umbrellas and tents, and human bodies with hopes and dreams.

You were illuminated among them.


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