The Swim


Editor’s Note: Starting today, the Letters section’s Photo of the Week will now be named Liyab. Furthermore, instead of weekly short stories, creative works will be uploaded every other week.


Here I am within the womb

of a serene glittering pool;

her surface returns 

the blue hues of the sky, but 

beneath owns my blues in the earth.


Deep in her depths, she engulfs 

my body with turbulent force; 

caressing my lungs. I let out 

a scream, a plea, but only 

an anguished moan follows. 


Perhaps dry ears hear nothing

or refuse to hear me at all.

Their dry eyes only see 

the glistening surface: 

sun-illumined, beautiful, shallow.


But here I am submerged within

her lone womb, trying to puncture the surface 

with my feeble limbs.

I am learning how to swim, to beat 

the sense of drowning— especially on land. CZERIZHA KAIZEL S. ADZUARA


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