Arcadian Abode

by Trixcy Anne B. Loseriaga

photo by Tcheky Nicole D. Cabrera/ THE FLAME

My beloved

languished was I 

whenever I recall  

those luscious lips of yours.


Your fiery soul

concealing the blissful agony

of my sworn brothers.


Their sunken eyes 

cloaked in your warm embrace.

How I wished to reunite with them 

but Tyche was never in my favor. 


My grace

I thirst for their smiles

and their never ending tittle-tattles,

but Ponos never ceased to amaze me

with his relentless drudgery.


My queen

drained was I 

whenever I harrow

those shriveled skin of yours.


How I longed 

to bathe myself 

in those translucent tears of yours.


Embracing my brothers,

drinking to our heart’s content

until your sister blinds us

amidst the starry sky.


But alas!

Here I am

drenched in muck,

pouring my everything

for a measly penny. 


Craving to set foot

once again,

leaving this orange

crooked piece of junk



I wonder—is it truly possible? 


When the ones 

sitting in your throne

are nothing

but swindling raccoons. F


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