The assemblage of yellow hues


Photo by Ethan Cardaño/THE FLAME

Under the flowing energy of the sun,

Particles of perspiration by my flesh,

Found its way to the knitted threads.


The queue of hasting feet, 

The urging buttons of electricity,

The cadre’s arms away from its body—

I was caught in the arrow without end.


As I penetrate the golden gate,

The space of knowledge was unveiled.


Someone clasped me in their arms,

Yet the pouring individuals divided us.


The lights in our heads flicker—

Our radar could not rake our sector.


Right and left,

Above the sea of heads,

I seek their breaths,

Harmonizing them with my steps.


On the brink of the falling chest,

An accompanying crate heaved me.


Dawn to the gloom,

In the celestial sphere,

As the strings touch each other,

Our features becoming one,

Without reach,

Our physiques are in the air.


Developing pictures in my mind,

Through the lenses of my eyes,

Sparkling nostalgia was burgeoned.


Mirror in my being outside,

Sorcery of chemicals in the breeze,

Pulse of frequencies in our ears,

The ground and us became one. 


The reaching palms of ownership, 

The vibrating larynx of the horde,

The thumping sound of our hearts—

It was a moment scraped in my psyche.


The hues and gradients might become gray,

And the images of the ground become wane, 

But the pulse of consciousness stays 

Until the end of the waves.


From my bleeding toes,

And splintered toes,

Yellow hues in me assembled,

An insignia that the kingdom knows. F

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