Missing the beat


Photo by Jianzen Deananeas/THE FLAME

WHILE HOLDING a clipboard to her chest, Anika stood behind the large speakers that hid her from the rest of the auditorium. Her gaze fell toward the hosts giving their spiels onstage. So far, everything was going according to plan.

They had been planning this event for months. From the program flow to the stage design, she knew how much work was put into this. She was not going to let anything ruin it.

Fiddling with her headset, she prepared to give her next set of instructions. Right at that moment, the band set to perform walked toward her.

They talked among themselves, expressing their excitement about performing. As they spoke, Anika found herself fixated on the drumsticks one of them held. 

Seeing it took her back to when she played with her old band. The anxiety of performing crept into her heart, but the sound of her drums and the cheering crowd always kept her steady. 

Her heart longed to experience it again.

“Ms. Anika?” A voice from her headset took her out of her reverie. “Are we good to go?”

The three boys stared at her expectantly, waiting for her cue to send them onstage. Anika gave them a curt nod before telling her crew to move forward with the show.

As the band walked onstage, the crowd erupted into cheers. After a few spiels, the drummer tapped his drumsticks loudly. 

Anika looked away, fading into the shadows of the backstage curtains as they began to play. F

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