Trinitarian Formula


Photo by Katrina Ginete/THE FLAME

“SA NGALAN ng Ama,”

Through the stained glass window of the church, the light penetrated towards their praying faces. They were in the last church for their Visita Iglesia. The sunlight provided warmth and served as a cradling arm for the unseen presence of the Lord. 

The man and the woman can only hear their thoughts with their eyes closed, palms anchored to each other, and knees nailed to the wood of the pew as their lips whisper to the Lord to restore at least half their strength.

In the name of the Father, he promised his loved one a vow: to be together through thick and thin. But at a time when he can only feel pain, he seeks an answer from Him who can provide strength when it gradually depletes.

“at ng Anak,”

As he pointed his finger to his chest, it throbbed, feeling a clutch of veins bursting—preventing him from uttering his prayers in peace. 

He has long been battling the pain of a faulty heart. Despite his ragged breathing and shaking knees, he completed the seven churches, hoping God would recognize his voice. To grant him another wish, to have more breaths and blinks, just as when the man and the woman wished for a child.

“at ng Espiritu Santo, Amen.”

And if—God forbids—he can no longer kneel in front of Him, may he feel His presence and his loved ones during the Trinitarian Formula. F

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