Camera log


Photo by Ethan Cardaño/THE FLAME

THE TENSION pinned us down as the crowd gathered within the vicinity of the incident.

The policemen loaded with full gear barricaded the streets, hoping to quench the agitated looks of the citizens. However, it only fueled the citizens’ resolve as more people arrived.

We made our way to the front as several people were quarreling. 

Some came with placards that say, “Hanggang kailan ninyo kami patatahimikin?”

It was followed by a series of shouting from both sides, ultimately breaking out into a full-scale riot. I was separated from Svarog as the people advanced, forcing the policemen to be on the offensive hoping it would make them stop. 

It didn’t take long before we found each other albeit sporting several bruises. The camera grip was slightly cracked but still usable. 

“Hopefully, the insurance covers equipment damage,” I muttered.

Svarog was able to interview some citizens while I tried to capture some quality shots. Thankfully, it turned out well.

Amidst the glowing embers surrounding our fragile bones, we picked up all of our equipment. Devoid of any lingering fear, we stood tall and rushed to the frontlines.

Camera log: 03/05/2022 F

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