New world

Art by Francis Rafael Obenza/THE FLAME

THE SOFT shimmer of moonlight illuminates the gardens near my village. 

They are right; taking a midnight stroll does help soothe my dreadful heart. These last few years of my life in the University were tough but I grew and learned a lot. My diary is a testament to all of those memories.

Good thing I brought my diary tonight. The pen needs a little nudge though.

I cross out the “graduation ceremony” from my list and add “work for Anvil Publishing Inc.” I already submitted my application, and I am just waiting for the interview. Although I can also see myself as a reporter, I rather analyze crime evidence and collect samples. Perhaps in another life, I will become a forensic specialist.

I know I can do it but somehow I am scared. What if I did not pass the interview? How can I survive in this new world when I know nothing of what the future holds?

A swarm of fireflies and a soft breeze surround me as I feel their warm embrace. Their presence helps me clear my mind from this sea of clouds as I spot a shooting star. 

In that brief moment, I finally know the answer. 

I implore the astral realm, all the glowing fireflies and dancing flowers tonight to witness my newfound resolve.

I flip the next page of my diary and jot down, “It does not matter how tedious the process may be, I will succeed.” F – Trixcy Anne B. Loseriaga

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