The end of wandering


Photo by Ethan Cardaño/THE FLAME

FROM A distance, the continuous drumming echoes throughout the campus walls. There is still a long path ahead for us to walk on, with each block from different faculties entering the triumphal Arch of the Centuries. We eagerly wait for our turn, the adrenaline rush through our veins.

In a matter of minutes, we will be flipping through the next chapters of our lives, diving into the unknown tomorrow. I look around, the surroundings filled with various colors and flags— a crowd of dreams and ambitions, of courage and pride. I stand there, in the middle of it all, with the same beating heart. 

The rough path in front of us remains a mystery of the future, traversing the wonders of the unknown. Surely enough, our block is next in line. The pounding of my heart matches the drumming from the marching band, both in excitement and fear. 

But fear is an uninvited guest, and courage is our companion for the coming years. Clamor, cheers, and the marching band’s melody ring in our ears as we muster the courage to flip the page. It washes over us, inviting and promising.

Here I stand, bidding farewell to the past as I readily welcome the future.

In the many unknown paths, I follow a light that ends my wandering. With a shaky breath, I step forward and enter the Arch into the new world. F

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