Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Photo by Ryla Tuazon/THE FLAME

IT SEEMED pointless to stay up late, tonight of all days. There were no quizzes, discussion boards or assigned readings. 

But when I fell onto my bed, sleep did not come easy. My mind could not help but dwell on all the things I had left unfinished. My feet were still aching from a long day of spending time with my family. My eyes were tired of being blasted with daylight and blue light every moment of the day. 

The weeks were so quick to pass by. Christmas and New Year have long lost their spark, but the magic of a holiday break was still unmatched. Sleeping in felt like a pleasure. The warmth of a thick blanket and the knowledge that I had no pending responsibilities was relaxing. 

So, like any responsible student, I opened my phone. I mindlessly scrolled through a social media app. My blockmates were talking about classes and their schedules. Even I could not help but rapidly type my frustrations with my schedule.

The clock on my phone was quick to run; it flashed 12:35 a.m. It was already tomorrow. Yet the prospect of the day ending scared me enough into opening another post on Facebook just to cope. 

No, the day was not over until my 6 a.m. alarm. 

Then, the notification came. I knew it was coming for so long. A groan echoed in the room, and my head slumped into my pillow. I closed my eyes and dreamt of all the books and games I could have consumed. F

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