A Nook in Baguio

Photo by Jaila Marjaan Abdul/THE FLAME

THE SUNDOWN and the foggy atmosphere surround the forgotten toys as I reflect on the memories tied to them. One thing is certain: everything seems unchanged, hopefully for the better. Yet the remembrance of this place eludes me, as does the time I truly inhabited through capturing this moment.

The familiarity of this nook allows me to retrospect my life— a life well lived. I now yearn for a more extended existence in this place, wishing it could hold on to these tangible witnesses of my strength as a testament to a shared ally.

Staring at the corner shelves, 13 degrees felt like my teenage years, an old acquaintance who cared deeply. Every visit, I hope it remains true to its core, a haven that has supported, embraced, and celebrated me.

However, this nook changes over time, seemingly oblivious to an ordinary company. Did the paint on the wall wear out? Are those mounted shelves always there? While the time for the nook may alter the physicality of this place, the memories and emotions it holds remain etched in my consciousness, resilient to the passage of time.

Time in memory is a silent villain, altering the surroundings you cannot even recall. Now that I am accustomed to a vibrant 31-degree Manila heat, I acknowledge the inevitability of change, a reminder that even cherished spaces evolve, every so often, unrecognized.

One thing is certain: everything did change, hopefully for the better. F – Jaila Marjaan Abdul

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