Photo of the Week (09/18/2016)

Photo of the Week

You stand along the sandy shores
of the azure ocean in front of you.
In the far horizon,
the radiance of the sun
slowly weakens your eyesight.

Clad in skimpy beachwear,
you rush towards the water
and plunge yourself deep
until you feel your feet
no longer touching the soaked sand.
Alarmed by the realization,
your body starts sinking.
You raise your hands and wave them
in incomprehensible motions,
and you scream, only to let the water
enter your mouth.

The ocean has finally engulfed you
and you slowly submerge to the bottom.
Your lungs cry out for oxygen
as you sink motionless.
You try to open your eyes
but the seawater stings and forces them shut.
But in that brief moment, you perceive light,
a combination of red and yellow,
reflecting on the surface.

Suddenly, you find your right foot kicking
and your left arm moving in a circular motion.
Then your left foot forcefully thrusts
while your right arm pivots.
You paddle your way up
and as you reach the surface,
you see the coast at a distance.
You thrust your body towards it,
breathing in between each stroke.
Until finally, you reach the land,
gasping to fill your lungs with air.

Once again, you stand along the sandy shores
of the azure ocean in front of you.
As you turn your back and walk away aghast
and realize you are lucky to have survived,
in the far horizon,
the waning radiance of the sun
touches your drenched skin
as it sets for the evening.


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