As Far As Her Wandering Eyes Took Her


FOR HER, she did not need a magic carpet to see the wonders of the world. All she needed were trip tickets worth one hundred pesos to the largest park in their land. Her favorite ride was the monumental ferris wheel that proudly stood in the middle of the carnival.

Excitement filled her heart as she stepped into the cubicle. She saw the sun shined down on the open fields; the clear sky was clueless that the world was already spiraling into a chaotic abyss. Using her hairpin, she unlocked the small window of her cubicle and let the stroke of fresh air brush against her skin. As the wheel turned, she could not help but feel unstoppable. She could chase the clouds that stretched as far as the open road could reach.

After a few minutes, the view of the frame overlooking the wide scattered infrastructure and trees seemed trivial and almost microscopic. With a broken heart, she realized that this view cost her only one hundred pesos. In other lands, humans cost less. F JESSICA MAUREEN P. GAURANO

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