PEOPLE HAVE spent their early mornings beneath ultramarine skies, waiting for the train to arrive. Everyone waits in line, on dilapidated platforms to hop aboard the train to places scattered underneath this blue royalty. People are catapulted into the day without knowing what is bluer, our lives and transgressions or the majestic blue giant that envelops us everyday.

As all passengers sit in silence and wait in their seats with bated breath, stories unfold and icy aerosol freezes the souls that wish to be bequeathed warmth. As the train departs and makes its way around this city, hundreds of permafrost-bound hearts long to find home.

People are weary and wish for the tiring day to end and realize that the day ends in a hue of ultramarine blue, as well. The sun sleeps and gives way to the culling of night. The train once again chugs and delivers everyone to a chilling bed where they will find either comfort or distress where they lie in wait for the ultramarine disruption that hides as our blue mornings. ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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