Sanguine Tempest


SOME PEOPLE love the rain for various reasons. Some love it when the rain pours and when it interacts with their pores and how it envelops themselves in the cold yet kind touch of droplets stretching into the infinite horizon. Some love the sound of the rain and how it mesmerizes them to be in tranquil trances that make them forget about the harsh maelstroms of life.

However when the rain pours, blood sometimes comes along with it as if angels have cried crimson tears because of the sins that the cruel have committed. The rain runs red because the wicked have stained the streets with the blood of their innocent brothers and sisters. The heavens are in agony because the sinister have whipped up baleful winds and cast the blood of the innocent in the gusts. A devastating season of Christmas with no reason to be jolly for many has just passed, and with the color red dangling in every corner of their lives, red blood spills from the veins of those slaughtered.

As thunder roars in the heavens, the storm of red blood pours to remind the people to bring justice like a herald of hope to the innocent ones who lost their lives because of bloodstained contempt. F ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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