Tiger Regalia


JANUARY SIGNALS the return of the Thomasian community to the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas. With the privilege of belonging and being surrounded by astute and pious saints, may the people display regality that manifests through their acts of genuine kindness toward a world filled with grief. With the prideful and bright color of yellow, urge the whole community to shine light for the people in deep despair blinded by darkness. They are our brothers and sisters that tread through the dregs of life.
Let the community roar against the injustices of the corrupted privileged that don scepters and crowns of power that they use to abuse their fellow people.

Let the yellow blood that flows through the veins of the community filled with compassion flow so that the future can be as bright as the sun. It is with these acts that true kings and queens rise and attest to the ever mounting hardships of the lives around them. Through empathy, kindness, and sincere involvement, the Thomasian community ascends to regality as their crowns radiate the rays of hope.ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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