THE PEOPLE who live in high rise towers intermittently look through their window panes and down upon crowded boulevards or road forks filled with countless jeepneys. Every day, people rely on the jeepneys to be able to get where they need to be and has undoubtedly become a part of the culture of this country. However, because of select people whose vantage point is above their poverty-stricken kinsmen, this country may lose a part of its culture due to selfish wishes to purge the few rights of the underprivileged jeepney drivers.

That is why it is imperative that those given a voice in society must speak up for the ones that are currently losing their means for a living. The people on the upper echelons will not heed the cries of the jeepney drivers, so it is possible for the aware, learned masses to take collective action and fight against the oppressive system set from above to watch over and regulate the movements of those it can easily punish and control. Those with voices must speak up for their oppressed brethren, lest there will be no more jeepneys once they stare out the window panes of their rooms found in high rise towers. F ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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