The Divine Lamb


FILIPINOS ACROSS the country return to their provinces and homes to observe the Lenten season in commemoration of the sacrifice Jesus did to pay for our sins. It is with utter solemnity and fervent praise that we express our gratitude for the forgiveness and blessings God has bestowed. It is with honor that the we recall everything the Christ has given and done so that we may be able to sing praises in His name.

Through Lenten season, we must not only be thankful for the ample graces that we have received and the time and opportunity to be with our loved ones, but also remember the excruciating pain Christ has suffered, the moment of His death that He willingly accepted so that humanity would be forgiven by His Father. As we kneel in penitence, we raise our hands up to heaven in anticipation as we wait for the resurrection of our Savior. F ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO 

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