AS PEOPLE become aware of the social injustices and economic sovereignties by the unfair kings of our society, it is imperative that they fight for the unfortunate being decimated every day due to the abuse that the powerful commit. In our society, people must be aware that these powerful come to the powerless in a rampage, holding their golden scepters while donning shining crowns that glimmer under the blazing sun. It is the duty of everyone to attempt to safeguard the future of his or her countrymen through spreading awareness on this inequality in hopes of narrowing the gap between the impoverished and utterly privileged.

In the eyes of the unfair kings of society, all below them are merely pawns that they can utilize and exhaust until they are dried of all use. The masses will link their hands together and be heard as they shout in unison for actual freedom from the reins set by the extremely privileged. They will march together in the streets with ardent hope that they encase in their hearts, knowing that the unfair kings of society cannot deny them any longer. F ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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