Modern Tin Man


HIS EYELIDS opened abruptly and his eyes started blinking mechanically. He turned to the clock and calculated how much time he had lost from being asleep. His forehead creased when he realized that he lost almost half of the day.

He dragged his heavy feet to the ground, and he heaved a sigh before standing up. His limbs felt robotic, it was as if they wanted to simply dangle from his body, or he might needed to grease them with oil so they would start working again.

He started walking to reach his desk, where his laptop was, and his feet made stomping sounds like a heavy chunk of metal being dragged across the room. He winced at each step until he reached the desk. He sat down on his swivel chair, and the chair creaked a little too loud.

He opened his laptop, and countless messages sprung up from the browser. He scrolled through them and he went back for the most recent one. He viewed the message and his eyes started blinking mechanically. “Ipasa na natin ‘to kay Sir.”

He felt oil being poured down on the hinges of his bones, and he started feeling more awake, like an engine that was being brought back to life. His fingers flew to the keyboard and his brain started processing information in a very fast pace. Once in a while, his neck would make a cracking sound, like two forms of metal clashing with each other.

This does not bother him. The robot has been switched on, and nothing can switch it off. CORHEINNE JOYCE B. COLENDRES

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