Life is undoubtedly full of tribulations, and sometimes they act as the levers of contraptions that compress the neck, prohibiting people from breathing. The pressure mounts into a spasm, immobilizing the body for prolonged periods of time when people express the inability to cope from the pressure; it shatters the remnants of the soul, taking the life of the human person along as collateral damage.

As creatures that possess minds that are able to discern whether another individual is suffering from depression and sheer sadness, it is vital that humans look after one another in a world where some people are unable to cope with problems that paint their lives in monochrome. Humans also possess hearts of gold, brimming with compassion and empathy that could shine the light on the good path of life once again. Humans must stretch out their helping hands in these trying times where everything is seemingly programmed to bring everyone down. It is important to remind people to breathe and to make them hold on for their dear lives. F ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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