THE unknown summons malefic fears that eventually learn to lurk in the consciousness of people, which creates presuppositions that inhibit humans from going beyond the zones that they are familiar with. Humans fear the unknown because they believe that it will bring them nothing but harm. Thus, society seals away subjects of obscurity that are considered taboo and they are never unveiled for the eyes to see.

People who are brave enough to be subversive to the mores of society are experiencing episodes of bigotry because of their attempt to unlock worldviews that transcend the traditional. They possess a kind of compassion that urges them to accept themselves and the enigmas that swirl around them. As entities who are dependent on love, people must face their fears so that they can permeate the world they inhabit.

Love is a kaleidoscope of colors that dauntlessly shatters the gray barriers of the commonplace. Different kinds of people traverse each lens, relentlessly searching for a kind of love that fits them perfectly. The kaleidoscope fully relies on how the viewer peers into its lens, and sometimes, they must turn the knob to see images that are baroque. They simply need the courage to face the unknown and accept the fear that once lurked within. ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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