The Borders of Solitude


DURING this time of the day, people would gather their personal possessions and take a break from the workplace. Some would leave the classroom as they hear the clamorous sound of the bell and see the dwindling lights of the hallways while they find their way out of the campus. Others would wait for a ride by the waiting shed as the slow-paced traffic is plagued with vehicles that were quickly occupied by other passengers. Meanwhile, there are also a few who are still on their way to work for their night shift. Beyond these unnoticed or distinguished spaces, something reigns from above: the blinding yet dazzling shades of hope and despair.

Some people look forward to coming home to the solace of their loved ones after braving a long day; but there are also who feel like they have succumbed to the forces of solitude. These individuals would rather remain outdoors than return to their homes for they think that they never belonged to the place they once used to call home. They turn away from this institution as they believe that there may be other places which can serve as the home that they long for.

Somewhere by the edge of the bay, a child sits by the bench where the sun has just set over the horizon. A smile crosses his lips as he enjoys his own company. The day may have just begun for him. F IAN JOZEL N. JEREZ

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